Dimensions each leg:

10 meters - 94 inches

15 meters - 39 inches

20 meters - 50 inches

40 meters - 15 feet 9 inches

75 meters - 28 feet 11 inches




The hardest part is building the 10 meter portion of the antenna. The rest is easy.


1.      Start with drilling holes to accommodate and secure the PL-239 chassis connector into a piece of Plexiglas with holes for the stranded 14 gauge wire and a hole for hanging the dipole.

2.      After mounting the PL-239 connector, solder each leg of the 10 meter portion to the PL-239 connector as shown.

3.      At the other ends of the 10 meter portion, solder a 1/0 brass fishing swivel.

4.      Now attach a EZ Clip to a swivel as show and solder the swivel onto the 15 meter portion. Repeat on the other leg. (Note: You will have to spread open the smaller hole of the EZ Clip to add the swivel and then crimp back down.)

5.      You will now add a short piece of #18 nylon line through the swivels attach sleeves and then put a knot on each end. This will allow for the EZ on EZ off clip connection.

6.      Repeat these steps for the 20, 40, and 75 meter portion of the dipole.

7.      At the ends of the 75 meter portion you can solder swivels to allow for tying dipole to trees or other supports.